“ZAM®” is a registered trademark of NIPPON STEEL CORPORATION in Japan (Reg.No.4637134), the United States (Reg.No.3254099), and other countries and regions. “ZAM®” is the brand name of high corrosion resistance hot-dip coated sheets developed by NIPPON STEEL CORPORATION.

Introduction to ZAM®

ZAM® is a remarkably superior corrosion-resistant hot-dip Zinc-Aluminum-Magnesium alloy coated steel sheet product, and Metal One America, Inc. is one of the largest buyer of ZAM®.

ZAM® uniquely presents a self healing, ecologically friendly alternative to other conventional metal coatings. Your post dip batch coated products would be ideal candidates to convert to cost saving ZAM® coated sheet.

ZAM® is produced to ASTM A1046/A1046M Type 1 specifications and is used where the absolute best rust prevention and cut edge protection are needed.

Metal One America, Inc. can suggest any solutions for your worries about corrosion.

Key Features of ZAM®

  • Longer service life than other coated products
  • Cut edge rust protection – the hallmark feature of ZAM®
  • Thinner coating yet more protection – ecologically friendly
  • Excellent in severe environments – especially coastal and agricultural
  • Eliminates the need for post dip (batch) galvanizing
  • Superior formability due to coating characteristics
  • Cost savings through longer service life and reduced maintenance
  • Bridges the product gap between heavily coated galvanized and costly stainless steel

ZAM® Application

Suitable applications for ZAM® are below:

  • construction (architectural building panels, perforated panels, metal facades, roofing)
  • automotive
  • agricultural applications (chicken grow out houses, swine containment, hoop buildings, grain bins, silos, etc.)
  • green house structures
  • cooling towers
  • solar racking
  • guardrail facades
  • school bus decking
  • swimming pool
  • sign posts
  • coastal environments
  • cable trays
  • switch boxes
  • steel decking and framing
  • sound/wind/snow barriers and many other applications

How Can We Help?

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