Metal One America, Inc. is committed to maintaining and improving systems and processes to avoid any human rights violations related to our operations, supply chain and products. Metal One America, Inc. fully supports domestic and international efforts to end all forms of forced labor, human trafficking, and modern slavery. Metal One America, Inc. requires the highest level of ethical and sustainable sourcing from suppliers as contained in our Supplier Code of Conduct.
Metal One America, Inc.’s Supplier Code of Conduct provides the required minimum standards expected from each supplier, factory or production facility supplying products to Metal One America, and includes strict requirements around forced and child labor, excessive overtime, compensation, and freedom of association amongst other requirements.
We continue to raise expectations for our suppliers through ever improving minimum standards, and these requirements include specific conditions to address key risks of forced labor. Metal One America, Inc. routinely reviews and updates our Supplier Code of Conduct to ensure it is aligned with the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, the International Labour Organization International Labour Standards on Forced Labour, and extends to our entire value and supply chain.