Metal One offers cold rolled steel in a variety of formats for customers. By partnering with state-of-the-art producers, Metal One provides cold rolled steel products, refined to customer specifications and a wide choice of finishes. Cold rolled steel products from cold reduction mills and annealing processors, provide quality products for appliance, construction and manufacturing needs.

Cold Rolled Coil
Cold Rolled Sheet
Cold Rolled Lamination Steel


Serving clients in both North and South America, Metal One’s line of structural steel products bolster infrastructure and development across a range of sectors, industries, and projects, including:

  • Automotive and transportation
  • Agriculture equipment
  • Welding
  • Railroad Tracks
  • Construction
  • I-Beams


  • Procurement & Sourcing
  • Import & Export Management
  • Inventory & Warehousing Management
  • Material Processing & Conversion
  • Trade, Finance, Credit & Risk Management
  • Market Research & Analysis
  • Delivery & Invoicing Services

How Can We Help?

Metal One offers a range of associated services and solutions to ensure that clients have optimal access to the procurement and management of structural steel products.

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